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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?

A picture may show a work of art, a diagram in a book on projective geometry, or even an image as challenging to describe as the human face. For the nearly 26 million individuals with visual impairment, these must be described in words or rendered in tactile form so that they can be reliably visualized. As we address the needs of children and adults, we seek to impart a visual knowledge of the natural world which enables them to learn and work more fully and effectively alongside their sighted peers.

Our objectives are to: • Convey knowledge of a picture in as few words as possible • Provide new tools to enhance visualization • Strengthen inner powers of “imagination” so that our readers can “see” what we are describing.

The Minerva Brooks Memorial Library, Inc. serves persons with a print-reading handicap. We offer accessible content such as recorded and Braille copies of books, lectures, and other documents. We are preparing digital versions of our collection which are to include verbal description of illustrations.

The Library sponsors a research activity under the name Amazability. Research includes the development of open source or free assistive technology for enhancing reading and related activities.

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The name Minerva is that of the Roman goddess of wisdom, invention, and the arts. Her Greek counterpart is Pallas Athena whose symbol, representing wisdom, is the owl. Therefore, our emblem or logo is the owl adapted from engravings found on ancient Athenian coins.

Please help out by volunteering. We also welcome your donations. Your physical and financial contributions makes our initiatives possible.

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